Delicious gluten-free cakes

Gluten-free Victoria sponge cake at the Real Eating Company
19 Sep

Delicious gluten-free cakes

Gluten-free cakes can often be uninspiring, almost an afterthought in some cafes. We’ve approached this differently as demand has grown exponentially over the last few years.

Working with our friends at Coburn and Baker in Hove (who you can see talking about our work together here), we are serving the most fantastically tasty gluten-free Victoria sponge with fresh blackberries in all of our cafes. The sponge is a triple-layered cake with buttercream, blackberry jam and is packed with fresh blackberries, making good use of the fruits of the early autumn. What’s more, we have deliciously wicked gluten-free chocolate brownies too. They really do taste as good as they look and pass muster with all our customers, whether they’re gluten intolerant or not.